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Here’s some travel tips for anyone thinking of travelling to the capital city of the United States of America:

1 - Do not travel in or out of the city during rush hours (4:30am-9:00am and 3:30pm-6:30pm (no kidding)).

2 - Remember that rush hour traffic intensifies in inclement weather.

3 - Do not travel in an area of the city where there has been a recent mass-drive-by-shooting.

4 - Try to schedule your visit during a time when the President has not closed the White House to tourists.

These tips are based on our observations this week.  Do as we say.  But not as we do.  Because we defied every one of the tips above.  And by defying each tip, here’s what we learned:

1 - Patience.  If it takes eighty minutes to travel twenty-two miles in bumper-to-bumper traffic, one can adopt a stressed-out grinding-of-the-teeth attitude, or one can determine that, if we just stick at it, eventually, we’ll arrive.  So let’s not stress.

2 - Rush hour traffic may intensify in a torrential rainstorm, but the same rainstorm shortens the lineups at the Smithsonian Institute.

3 - While the American Dream might still have its nightmarish moments (Drive-by Shooting in DC Leaves 11 Injured), we don’t (in North America) live with ongoing expectations of bombs ripping through our neighbourhoods, or crazed dictators creating chaos.

4 - While the President may have closed the White House, there is so much cool stuff to take in in Washington, D.C. that, well.... Who needs a White House tour anyway?

When the Apostle Paul spoke of learning the secret of being content in all circumstances, he wrote knowing that some days the sun will shine, and some days rain will fall.  If your life seems to be filled with rain, remember that you can rant against the rain (and it will continue to fall), or you can buy an umbrella and determine to make the very best of what the Lord gives you.  And you will be happy.  You will be content.  You will shine.  And if you wait long enough, the sun will break through.  And by the time that it does, maybe you’ll have learned how to outshine it in Christ.