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As I look out my dining room window, I see the wind creating glorious clouds of white powder snow.  Above these clouds, more snow falls, at times in a downward direction, other times swirling in all directions at once. 

My wife asks me if we should be outside shoveling.  But as I consider that anything shoveled will likely just fill in with drifting snow, it’s pretty east to say ‘let’s wait’.  Add in the fact that it looks cold, wet and wild outside, and waiting is really the easy choice. 

Waiting is easy today.  At least it’s easy with regards to shoveling.  My reasoning tells me that I’m not procrastinating; that if I shovel out now, I’ll only end up repeating my work when I have to go out to shovel snow again, once the storm has ended. 

I’m sure that the fact that I’m warm and dry inside has nothing to do with the ease with which I wait.  Or maybe it has everything to do with it.  But as I wait for the storm to break, I consider this:

 If only waiting on the Lord was this easy!

 If only I could reason through, and stay comfortable, knowing that the time for action is imminent.  In fact wouldn’t it be great to know just what action will be required of me, when I’m drawn out of my seat, and into the world as a servant of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. 

It's easy and comforting in a way, to know that soon the storm will be over, and I will be called upon to man a snow shovel.  But service in God’s Kingdom is a bit more complicated.  Because the storms we are called work in the midst of are messier than any nor’easter, any blizzard, or any hurricane that may blow through our little community on the Atlantic side of the continent.

God calls us to service in the midst of the storms that rage in the hearts of people.  Storms that can develop in a moment, with an unexpected loss, a tragic prognosis, or a crippling assessment.  Or storms that develop over time as a treasured relationship erodes into toxicity, a fulfilling career stalls in mid-life, or an unhealthy  coping mechanism gradually takes over our life in the form an addiction.  These are the storms of life, and these are the storms that Jesus came to calm.

When the disciples awoke Jesus in the midst of a raging storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus calmed the wind and the waves with a word.  Interestingly, with the storm now calmed, the disciples were terrified at this man who took command of the wind and waves.  But the storm had been calmed.  It is in the same way - and in the same power  - that Jesus will call us forth to be instruments of healing in the world, speaking the word of truth into the storms that rage in people's hearts. 

So,… first we wait.  Then - cloaked in power from on high, and directed by the Holy Spirit - we go forth.  We minister and speak peace into the storms of life.  And when the storm abates, we leave people to deal with a new reality. 

The familiar storm is now replaced with an unfamiliar peace.  The result can be disconcerting, disarming… terrifying.  But now we hope that the once-afflicted will turn their face towards the One who has authority over all things, and will learn to trust Him.

As so they now wait, in a posture that leads to the Lord's directing.  And they now delve fearlessly into the storm.    






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