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Healing With Hope

Posted by on 16 May 2014 | 7 Comments

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Today, our team found itself in Manhattan, in the the neighbourhood known as Chealsea.  Once again, we were feeding the hungry.  But while today was much like yesterday in the Bronx, the sense here in Chealsea, was one of pervasive hopelessness.  There were those who two years ago had been barely carving out a living for themselves and their families only to lose everything in Hurricane Sandy.  There were those trying to walk the difficult balance between homeless shelters, government aid, and gainful employment.  There was frustration with the perception that a crack addict - on the basis of their addiction - is able to receive assitance more readily than one who is quite willing to stay clean and strive to contribute.

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The Wonder of God's Love

Posted by on 28 February 2013 | 15 Comments

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I’m sitting on an airplane, having just taken off from Colorado Springs, and I have to say that God is treating me to a most magnificent sight.  Looking across the plane, to my east, I can see the prairies stretched out so tightly that they appear ready to burst against the eastern sunrise.  But just out my window, to the west, I see the line where the plains are abruptly shattered by the Rockies.  The line stretches from north to south as far as I can see, and to the west of the line, the mountains jut dramatically upwards into the Colorado skyline.  Some are brown-capped.  Some are snow-capped.  And towering above them all is Pike’s Peak, served up like some doting father , watching over his children. 

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