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And today’s question is:  How is this Blog like the Super Bowl XLVII?

Answer:  Both have experienced some kind of connectivity problem.

At the New Orleans Superdome this past Sunday, a power outage delayed the big-game for thirty-four minutes.  There still seems to be some mystery about the cause of the interruption.

Here in Brooklyn, yesterday, I was unable to get online, and thus, the Blog I wished to post yesterday was delayed.  Today, all is fine.

In 2013 these interruptions create havoc in life.  We depend on electricity for so many things, and our online connections keep us in touch with so much that takes place in the world.

Lord, keep us connected!!!  That could be a prayer I suppose:  Lord, keep us connected!!!

But the connection I’m now talking about is not electrical, nor is it web-based.  The connection we need is a connection that connects our spirits to the Spirit of God Almighty.  It’s a connection that Jesus maintained with his Father in heaven.  And it’s a connection that his disciples desired when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray.

Lord, keep us connected!!!

On Tuesday night, Diane and I gathered with four thousand brothers and sisters in the Lord at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  We gathered together with a shared desire for conection with the Lord.  We gathered together desiring intimacy, fellowship and the moving of God’s hand.  We gathered together to seek and believe in the Lord for great things.

We gathered together to connect with the Lord in prayer.  My friends, on Tuesday night, I went to a prayer meeting where God’s Spirit was in evidence, where believers came expecting to connect, and where the multitudes went away satisfied.  And the evidence of their satisfaction will be this:  Next week, as it has been for the past ten years on Tuesday night on Smith St in Brooklyn, New York, once again, God’s house will be a house of prayer.  Not just a going-through-the-motions kind of event.  But rather a place where there is a form of godliness that anticipates and celebrates the power of God.  When people have this kind of expectation, prayer meetings are no longer something requiring us to cajole people in the hopes of gettign them to attend.  Rather, they come because the evidence is this:  God is present!!!

Lord, teach us to pray.  Lord, help us connect.  Lord, bring us together to corporately seek you, and to believe in you for great things.

We depend on electricity.  We depend on our wireless gadgets.

Lord, may we depend on you.  Lord, help us to connect, and to stay connnected.


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