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The church.

We are a diverse, eclectic, and peculiar lot.  A people learning to accept the beauty of our differences, and to draw on each one’s particular strengths so that the Lord may be glorified.  We are learning to put Jesus first in everything.  This means considering others more important than ourselves.  Majoring in the majors, and minoring in the minors.

 As best we understand those things….

 We exist and strive 1 - to take the saints deeper in their faith, and 2 - to reach a lost world.  The two of course can’t be separated.  The best gauge of our ‘depth’ is the evidence of our taking ‘Jesus to the world.’  If we fail in the attempt, it is probably because we are trying in our own strength.

 We cannot give what we do not have.  Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5).  But in him... all things are possible.  Live this day in this reality: God can do imeasurably more - today - than you could ask or imagine. 

Live it!!!



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