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It may be helpful to let the reader know that these thoughts are coming to me fresh off of Easter Sunday.  It’s Monday, and I’m supposed to be resting.  But in rest, I find myself reflecting on the day just past. 

I remember my first Easter some twenty-two years ago.  I was thirty years old at the time, and had only two weeks earlier given my life to Jesus Christ.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew that ‘this’ was really big stuff, and that my life would never be the same. 

Now, with the benefit of twenty-two years of walking with Jesus, I can say that, “yes it is true:  I had no idea what I was getting into.  And yes, it’s big!  And most assuredly, I hope and pray that my life will never revert back to what it was.”

 It is amazing to be saved.  I look at others who live outside of God’s kingdom, and I recognize how profoundly God has re-organized my thoughts, bringing me peace in the process.  I see people worrying, complaining, and getting stressed about things, and I thank God that I can look and say ‘I don’t have to go there.’ 

Does that mean I can just be apathetic, sit back and let God run the show while I sit by and applaud him from my comfortable vantage point?  Certainly not!!!  But it also doesn’t mean that I can rant and rave while purporting to serve him.  In fact quite the opposite.  The things that stir my heart - knowing that they also stir the heart of God - must move me to engage the world with passion and purpose, all the while speaking and acting in the manner of Jesus Christ who is both my Savior and my Lord.

 As we reflect on the Easter celebration, we too, like the first disciples, bear witness to the Living Presence of Jesus Christ.  Those disciples saw Jesus, and at great cost went forth into the world to proclaim his death, his resurrection, and his promise of life to those who believe.

 If we have seen Jesus, we cannot but do the same.  We too must go forth into the world to proclaim his death, his resurrection, and his promise of life to those who believe.  No matter the cost.  Lives hang in the balance. 



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