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Living Waters Fellowship in Brooklyn always seems to come up with a 'steal' when I find myself in New York (I write that as if I'm a frequent visitor to the Big Apple.  But I am not).  Today, was no exception.  In the morning we worshipped at Living Waters.  In the evening, we worshipped at Hillsong NYC.  Both services were great - really any opportunity to be in God's house is a blessing.  But today, the service at Living Waters was the extra-special blessing.

Today, our young people were heavily involved in the service at Living Waters.  Cameron and Dylan sang with the worship team, and they presented "The Chair" (today "The Stool") to perfection, reminding us of Jesus' call to obdience to all who call themselves His.

The whole team was involved in the "Chains" drama, which takes us behind the scenes into the spiritual realm, revealing satan's hatred, and jesus' overcoming power and love.  Great job Dylan, Braden, Kassidy, and the rest of the team.

But the 'moment' today was Thomas' testimony.  It was a sanctified proud moment as he stood and gave a clear articulation of his struggle with anger, and how Jesus helped him negotiate his way through that anger and then gave him victory over it.  A clear testimony of the life-changing Spirit of the Living God.  So what more can I say on that one...?  To God be the glory!!!

We are now two thirds of the way through our time in New York.  I am praying that the Lord will continue to use us effectively to proclaim the glorious riches that are ours in Jesus Christ.  For strength.  For rest.  And may His Spirit reign with fire and power to His praise.       


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