On Your Mark! Get Set!! Wait!!!

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Picture this!  A couple of weeks ago in New York, I’m standing near the front of a lineup to see a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman.  It’s a long lineup, stretching out about half a block behind me.  Everyone in the lineup has tickets for the show’s afternoon taping.  There is an accepted order that we all implicitly agree to.  We know we just have to wait, and, in turn, we will be permitted access to the Ed Sullivan Theatre where the taping will take place.  Simple.

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Ready, Set,... Wait!

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At our retreat in New Hampshire this week, one of the sessions that we worked on had to do with waiting, and specifically, waiting on the Lord.  The ‘waiting on the Lord’ part is significant.  Because - let’s face it - waiting is something that the people of the western world do not do well.

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My Rules, Your Rules, God Rules

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There is something beautiful in the transaction of giving your children guidance, watching them follow it, and having them see things work out well for themselves, out of your instruction.  Magnificent!  Our experience, the things we’ve learned along life’s journey, passed on to our children, and then our grandchildren, and on and on.  All for their good.

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A Valentine's Exhortation

Posted by on 14 February 2013 | 12 Comments

Ok.  I'll spare you all the details, and simply say that this year, Diane and I had the most incredible Valentine's Day celebration we've ever had!  Yesterday, February 13, 2013.  Yes we celebrated our love in New Hampshire yesterday.  And it was a wonderful celebration.  Having said that - if you're married, and you're reading this on Valentine's Day, might I suggest that you shut off all of your electronic devices, including your television and your tablet or computer, and give your full attention, your whole being, your very self....  Your love.  Yes, give your love to the one to whom you have entered into a lifetime covenant of love.

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Ruined Again

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So tonight I'm sitting in my room at The Leadership Center's TLC retreat for pastoral couples.  The retreat is being held in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and we will be here until Thursday.  It has been an incredible day!!!  In short, we encountered Jesus incarnate in the form of one of the retreat host couples, and in one hour over dinner, Diane and I were coached through a process that has led to each of us being able to articulate our God-given passion and purpose with precision and clarity. 

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Ruined For The Ordinary

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I like coffee.  I drink coffee.  But I’m not one of those can’t-function-without-a cup kind of people.  I would say I’m not overly discriminating when it comes to coffee.  As long as it’s not ridiculously weak, I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee.  But… well, it’s just coffee. 

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From Mountaintop to Snow-Covered Mountaintop

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This morning, I was looking out the window at my car.  No, let me rephrase that:  I was looking out the window for my car.  I knew it was out there, because I could see everything of the car that was above the hood.  But everything lower than the hood was buried under snow.

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Finding Nemo finding us

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I'm never sure how much stcok to put into reports that we are about to be hit by a storm of 'historic proportions'.  On one hand, I don't wish to be dismissive of the reports.  On the other hand, I don't wish to be overly cautious, only to find that the reports were exaggerated.  So... I'm in New York, I hear the reports, I consider the Big Apple gridlocked under a foot of snow, I wonder at what the driving conditions might be like as I drive closer to the center of the storm's projected track (East/Central Massachusetts), and I need to make a decision.

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Stay Connected

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And today’s question is:  How is this Blog like the Super Bowl XLVII?

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The Lord is the Creator of all things.  We know the theological fact of the statement.  But sometimes we need reminding.  And one way that God reminds us that he is 'Creator', is by reminding us that he is 'creative'.

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