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This Lenten Season, I’m working with Beacon Hill Press’s devotional book “Ashes To Fire”.  The book is a nice little annual publication put out by our denomination each year.  And this past Sunday, in this little book, Bud Reedy explained the connection between salvation, grace and repentance very succinctly, saying “Without the fruit of repentance dangling from the branches of one’s life, conversion - life change - has not taken effect.”

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Dream Big!

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The theme of these past few weeks has become 'Dream Big!'  In fact, we find ourselves praying continually for God to reveal to us, His God-sized dream for our lives.  And so, it seemed very fitting that today we visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  This park - just a couple miles form where we are staying on the Outer Banks of North Carolina - commemorates the acheivements of Orville and Wilbur Wright, brothers who not only dreamed and believed, but who had the courage to make their dream of sustained, powered flights a reality.

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Laughing With the Lord

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I know God has a sense of humour.  It's the only way I can explain what happened this weekend.  First, Saturday night, I found myself at the Golden Corral in Aberdeen, Maryland.  For those of you who do not know, the Golden Corral is a $10.00 all you can eat buffet that includes - among other things - prime rib steaks, shrimp, the best white rolls in the United States, and... cotton candy!  And everything in between.  I hadn't tangled with a Golden Corral since being at our denomination's General Assembly in Orlando, Florida back in 2009, but I remebered the drill:  Eat as much as possible without committing the sin of glutony.

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HELP !!!

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Think about this one.

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Finally, I Get It !!!

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I just don’t get it.

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Christians... Just Oughta Have Fun

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Yesterday it was the Rockies of Colorado.  Today it’s Mount Watadic.  I set out this morning to hike this little mountain in northern Massachusetts.  The mountain is located about an hour north of my daughter’s home in Holden, Massachusetts.  We arrived there from Colorado Springs last night, and tomorrow we are heading out for North Carolina.  So one might think I ought to simply rest today.  And I will.  And I am.

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The Wonder of God's Love

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I’m sitting on an airplane, having just taken off from Colorado Springs, and I have to say that God is treating me to a most magnificent sight.  Looking across the plane, to my east, I can see the prairies stretched out so tightly that they appear ready to burst against the eastern sunrise.  But just out my window, to the west, I see the line where the plains are abruptly shattered by the Rockies.  The line stretches from north to south as far as I can see, and to the west of the line, the mountains jut dramatically upwards into the Colorado skyline.  Some are brown-capped.  Some are snow-capped.  And towering above them all is Pike’s Peak, served up like some doting father , watching over his children. 

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Now Enriched

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A few days ago, I shared with my wife Diane about a conversation that I was privileged to be part of last fall over lunch at a little café in downtown New Glasgow.  What was so memorable about that conversation was not so much its content - quite frankly, I can’t remember what was discussed around the table - as the consideration of one another present in the sharing.

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Open My Eyes, Lord

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Evelyn Underhill once said, “In the created world around us, we see the Eternal Artist, Eternal Love at work.”  In the same vein, Gerald Manley Hopkins wrote, “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”  Now I know some have said that they don’t understand this fixation with nature.  Some don’t understand why one would marvel at the uniqueness of every snowflake - each one a tiny creation never to be duplicated.  Or at the miracle of taste buds - ever wonder why yours respond differently than mine to the same flavoured stimulus?  Or at the day-four miracle of the creation of seasons - a simple tilting of the earth’s axis in relation to the sun bringing forth profound results.  

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Breathless!  This week I’m breathless.  It could be the majestic view of Pike’s Peak just outside my bedroom window.  It could be the opportunity to serve the Lord at a retreat center on the edge of the Colorado mountains.  It could be the added blessing of serving alongside my wife Diane, and being reminded what an amazing team God has made us to be.

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