Healing With Hope

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Today, our team found itself in Manhattan, in the the neighbourhood known as Chealsea.  Once again, we were feeding the hungry.  But while today was much like yesterday in the Bronx, the sense here in Chealsea, was one of pervasive hopelessness.  There were those who two years ago had been barely carving out a living for themselves and their families only to lose everything in Hurricane Sandy.  There were those trying to walk the difficult balance between homeless shelters, government aid, and gainful employment.  There was frustration with the perception that a crack addict - on the basis of their addiction - is able to receive assitance more readily than one who is quite willing to stay clean and strive to contribute.

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New York, New York

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The week has been spent packing, planning, and finally driving from Nova Scotia Canada to New York City in a van with three other adults and six young adults (some would call them teens).  We've come to New York to share the love of Jesus, and to be stretched in the process.

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Lighter Than Air

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I wish it were always this easy!  The words were cutting, cruel and uncalled for.  The attack unprovoked.  The spirit hate-filled and vicious.  The only possible motive was to use one’s words to destroy another.  To break their spirit.  And to somehow find satisfaction in the whole transaction.

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Waiting Out the Storm

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As I look out my dining room window, I see the wind creating glorious clouds of white powder snow.  Above these clouds, more snow falls, at times in a downward direction, other times swirling in all directions at once. 

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Happy Birthday two Nations

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Canada Day, July 1, 2013

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Home Run!!!

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I recently had occasion to take in the movie ‘42’.  The movie depicts the events leading to Jackie Robinson’s introduction to Major League Baseball back in 1947.  As the story is told, one cannot help but be gripped by the many relational layers in the narrative. 

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C'est La Vie

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C’est la vie!

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Be Fruitful and Multiply

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Be fruitful and multiply.  When God gave the commandment to mankind, it must have been heard with an air of mystery.  What was it to be fruitful and multiply.  The first inhabitants in the Garden of Eden found themselves alone, unclothed, unashamed, and innocent.  And at some point, as they sampled all that the Lord had given to them in the garden, they discovered the joy of human sexuality.

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You Gotta Be Kidding

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How does one come up with an effective April Fool’s prank. According to the EHow Website one should “choose jokes that people will never see coming, but get a good laugh out once the prank is revealed. Make sure you keep your jokes tasteful and respectful so you don't offend anyone.” If indeed this is the measure of a good April fool’s Day prank, then one would have to say that overall, God failed miserably on this one.

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Hope Renewed

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One week ago I was in Belgrade Lakes, Maine. While there, in one night, the bare ground was given a covering of fourteen inches of snow. Fourteen inches of shoveling, sweeping, and scraping. Winter was making yet another attempt to extinguish spring and all of its promise of new life.

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